Art for Storyville Fashion Show revealed.

September 30, 2007 by Josh Harvey

Brad Jensen of Icon Visuals has just finished the original art that will be used to promote Storyville's first-ever Fashion Show.  The Louisiana-themed fashion show will be held at the Manship Theatre in Downtown Baton Rouge on Friday, November 16.  Tickets will for the show go on sale in October.  The art below, entitled "Acadiana Self-Reliance" represents a re-work of a design that Brad created for our friends at Dirty Coast .  The new color scheme is meant to suggest the Louisiana flag ( click here to see the new design).

In mid-October, Dirty Coast and Storyville will offer a limited edition run of "Acadiana Self Reliance" tees in the new colors.  The limited edition tees will be a result of a collaborative efforts of Dirty Coast, Icon Visuals, Purple Monkey (who will print the tees) and Storyville .  Four Louisiana designers all rolled up in one awesome tee!


Michael said at 6:23PM on September 30, 2007

I bought the red shirt design. I don't usually wear red but it is working with my wardrobe just fine. I have also gotten a few older women up here in New England to compliment my shirt. I love compliments! I usually wear it with jet black slacks and an onion skin dyed undershirt to complement/match the tone of the pelican on the t-shirt.

The Blue shirt looks nice, but blue is kind of hard to match, It might work with Khakis if you still wear khakis. With jeans, they create too much blue, and any other dark bottom will make you look too muddied.

I like the present blue as a flag color. 'Av ya'll contemplated a light blue (sky blue), with a white pelican, and gold highlights?
Nice website by the way.


Drew said at 2:43PM on October 1, 2007

Can't wait to go get mine!!!

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