As Always, Our Time Is Now

February 28, 2008 by Gabriel Harvey

Hello from beautiful Austin, Texas!

This is Gabriel and this is the first time I've written in this fine publication.  I felt compelled to offer my thoughts on what I've seen over the past few weeks and months, not just here in Austin, but all over our great country.

In the past week, I have attended three political rallies and a town hall meeting.  I have heard two presidential candidates, Senator Barack Obama and Congressman Ron Paul , and a former president, Bill Clinton , speak.  I have been gently urged and cajoled by grassroots organizations of various and varied political persuasions.  Voter turnout is the highest it has ever been in states all over the nation.

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Despite the great and unique dangers and challenges that the modern world presents, there is genuine excitement about the political process at all levels of government.  Americans seem ready to accept the privelage and responsibility of civic duty wholeheartedly.  I doubt I've been around long enough to have witnessed what could be considered a social "movement" in any real historical sense, but when I've read about them, this is what I've imagined one might feel like.  People of all ages and backgrounds are embracing the idea that politics and governmental policy can be a natural expression of what is the best of us as a people.  And I, too, can't help but feel a little excited and rather proud.

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