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Local T-shirt shop celebrates unique apparel,
  • Advocate assistant People editor
  • Published: Mar 27, 2009 - Page: 1E

When is a fashion show not just a fashion show?

How about when the tuxedoed emcee, who takes four trips to set up keyboard and mic, belts out his own version of “Downtown” with lyrics that have “ladies finery” rhyming with “chemical refinery” and mentions Frost Top and casino buffets?

How about when a video short celebrates “The Shop” in a hilarious send-up almost as funny as “The Office” it parodies?

How about when two sets of dancers are so sharp and so good you hope they’re trying out for some “So You Think You Can Be America’s Best Dance Crew” sort of reality show?

That’s what happens when Storyville, a local boutique that sells T-shirts by local artists and designers, puts on a show.

Oh, and the fashions were pretty cool, too. Funny. Inventive. Over-the-top, under-the-radar Ts that have garnered a huge following.

For example, there are T-shirts proclaiming “MONROE, Better than West Monroe,” and “Chinese Bandits” written in Chinese and “Beign-Yay!” with a happy depiction of the sugared fried dough.

The show rocked the Manship Theatre earlier this week, showcasing the work of a number of Louisiana design houses — Giraphic Apparel, Handpicked, Mojo Ware, 8-Track Screens, Sekks Apparel, Feelgoodz, SuperMaggie, Au-si, 272 Graphics, Slaughterhead, Inexplicable Confetti, Marc Fresh, NOLA Tiles, Southern Flair, Nambatron and Storyville.

And, the show raised money for the Capital Area Alliance for the Homeless.

There was music from Cowboy Mouth’s Jonathan Pretus, with guitarist Stephen Turner, and slideshow comedic presentation of “The Fashionable Traveler” by Whitney Roche.

Like Storyville, the West Chimes Street shop, the show was the brainchild of the Harvey family, which includes Josh, Seth, Gabriel, Elizabeth and Rebekah and stepsister Mercie Durham.

All had a hand in it, with brothers Josh and Seth, of the “Downtown” piece, handling the announcing chores.

In addition to helping a good cause and giving a platform to local designers, the show also marked a milestone for Storyville, which today opens in New Orleans its third store.

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