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Fashion show for fun

Storyville has a blast modeling Ts
  • Advocate assistant People editor
  • Published: Apr 1, 2010 - Page: 1D

It was a fashion show with a sense of humor and not just on the hip T-shirts.

When Storyville, the purveyor of said Ts, decides to do fashion, you get oh so much more. And that’s what happened Saturday night at the Manship Theatre.

Tuxedo-clad brothers Seth and Josh Harvey, who along with their large clan of siblings own the three locations of Storyville, emceed the show, promising it would be “one of the most important nights in the history of entertainment.”

And they did their best to deliver.

The show was an extravaganza of music, film and fashion. And there was belly dancing. And political satire.

And, it was all for a good cause.

The show was a fundraiser for From the Flames, an organization formed to help the 60 or so local musicians who lost their instruments and more in the Jan. 1 fire at The Caterie on Perkins Road. Also lost in the fire was the Bayou Shimmy Dance Studio, home to 10 area dance instructors and hundreds of students. Hence the belly dancing.

Barisal Guns, a band that usually rips with Zeppelin-like rock, opened the show with a stirring  acoustic piece showcasing sweet harmonies that played well in the theater’s intimate space.

Then the fashion show started.

Let’s face it. T-shirts are pretty much, well, T-shirts. It’s what’s on the T’s that makes the difference. Storyville and the dozen or so other T-shirt designers in the show excel in making artwork that gets noticed.

And the styling put these T’s in a zone all their own.

So when model Aubrey Howard strutted out in a black fleur de lis T paired with eyeball-melting green leggings and a pair of slamming heels, she got your attention. In a good way.

And so it went.

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