Free the Jena Six. Justice for All.

September 20, 2007 by Josh Harvey

If you're not up to speed on the "Jena Six" controversy, to read the Wikipedia article.

We at Storyville got involved in a small way when we were approached by LSU student activist Shanelle Matthews. Shanelle was in the process of organizing a bus trip for students who wanted to take part in the September 20 march on the LaSalle Parish Courthouse in Jena. At the time, Shanelle needed t-shirts for her fellow students...

So we designed a logo for Shanelle and donated tees to the students making the bus trip. In our own way, we hope to amplify the message that racial intolerance and injustice will not be tolerated on our soil.

And we will not rest until all members of the Jena Six have been set free. The young men who constitute the Jena Six are Robert Bailey, Mychal Bell, Carwin Jones, Bryant Purvis, Theo Shaw and an unidentified minor. Their cause is our cause as we strive to root out inequity in our legal system.

If you would like to help the cause, contact Shanelle Matthews at [email protected] .


Vinita Oberoi said at 4:18AM on September 21, 2007

This is great. Thanks for being involved!

said at 9:34PM on September 21, 2007

Shanelle Matthews has done a great job so far with raising awareness for the Jena 6. Yesterday, CNN even did a profile on her and the group of students from Louisiana State University that went with her to protest the injustice in Jena! (and cudos to Josh - as the shirts he designed for the cause were seen everywhere). So keep up the good work. This isn't something that should be forgotten tomorrow.

And just so you know, the word on the street from Ms. Matthew's is that there may be another protest in Washington as well soon...

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