Introducing the Storyville Times

September 17, 2007 by Lee Martin

Hello there!  My name is Lee Martin and I'm proud to introduce the newest addition to Storyville's online experience, the Storyville Times.  I visioned the Times as a publication within the realm of Storyville.  At its simplest, it will serve as a news resource for all things Storyville.  This includes new apparel, events, projects, and more.  The Times will also act as a link between the main website and the yet-to-be-publically-launched-but-feel-free-to-check-it-out... Map of Storyville .

Both the Times & Map are two examples of where we wish to take Storyville's image & online presence in the coming months.  For more info on that, be sure to read the Storyville Times.  Enjoy.

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