Meghan Montgomery arrives in Austin.

September 29, 2007 by Josh Harvey

Storyville Supermodel Meghan Montgomery has arrived in Austin for a special two-day photo shoot.  The shoot will take place all over the University of Texas as well as throughout the city of Austin.  Gabriel Harvey and special guest photographer (and UT student) Mark Rosen will be behind the camera.  Look for these photos to begin appearing on over the next few days.  One more thing... what's up, Miss Janet?  If anybody's wondering where Meghan got her hotness from, look no further than her mother!


Miss Janet...Meghan's Mom said at 4:59PM on October 1, 2007

I love love love checking in on Storyville's site and seeing my girl. I think you have a smart business plan and surround yourself with supportive positive people. I wish you continued success and appreciate the mention.
You made my day!

Momma J

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