Big Ups to Michael de Zayas & Neighborhoodies!

October 3, 2007 by Josh Harvey

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of chatting with Michael de Zayas, the founder of Neighborhoodies .  In case you don't know, Neighborhoodies is the Brooklyn-based company that pioneered customized apparel in its shops and on its website .  Neighborhoodies is also the shop where I made my first customized tee (" !").  Neighborhoodies now has a kick-ass website and shops in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Los Angeles, Providence and Boston.

During our half-hour conversation, Michael gave me a lot of helpful advice about how to grow Storyville and .  He was surprisingly candid, laid-back and extremely encouraging.  Keep in mind that this dude has been featured on Us Weekly, CNN, NPR, Teen Vogue, Newseek, The New York Times and so on and so forth.  Michael is somewhat of a legend and his Neighborhoodies business model has been the subject of case studies at colleges across the country.

Hopefully, Michael will take a continued interest in Storyville and serve as a mentor to us young bucks.  We'd love to be part of the Neighborhoodies phenomenon.  From all the Storyvillains to all the Neighborhoodlums... one love!  What's up, Kathryn?

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