"Rock the Mic" -- Shirt #1 of the Week -- Only $16

October 23, 2007 by Josh Harvey

Wearyourstory.com's Shirt of the Week (SOTW) is Kelly D's "Rock the Mic."  Storyville Austin model Paulie Nguyen made this shirt famous in a serious of photographs that were prominently pirated across the University of Texas Facebook network.  Paulie's famous "Rock the Mic" shirt is a black tee with a metallic silver print.  The tee is only $16 through Saturday, October 27.  On Sunday, the price goes back up to $22.  The special is only available at wearyourstory.com (the Baton Rouge and Austin shops have their own shirts of the week).

to see " (Black Tee)."

Josh's Note: I actually intended the shirt of the week to be Jeremiah the Innocent's "Hi How Are You (Black Tee)."  I guess all these photos of Paulie Nguyen in black shirts have me confused.  So, anyway, this week only, we have not one, but two shirts of the week. to see " ", which is only $16 online through Saturday.

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