See "Airbrush", the classic Storyville YouTube Video

October 17, 2007 by Josh Harvey

After being unveiled a couple months ago, Storyville's minute-long video called " " has already been viewed 1,000 times on YouTube.  " " is also posted on Facebook,  but Facebook doesn't provide tracking information.  So we roughly estimate that the video has been viewed 1,318,497 times on Facebook.

"Airbrush" was shot at Storyville on Chimes in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, on July 9, 2007.  The video was directed, produced and edited through the collaborative efforts of Jake Wasserman, Kyle Shim and Matt Callac.  "Airbrush" stars Mercie Durham, Greg Moser and the youngest four Harvey Durhams (aka "The Coffee Beans") -- Estefania (10), Juan (8), Victor (7) and Paula (6).  In the short video, Mercie and Greg play a cheesy, lovey-dovey couple, which really isn't a stretch for them since they're a cheesy, lovey-dovey couple in real life.

In the coming week, we'll post the second Storyville YouTube video classic, " ."  And pretty soon, we're going to unveil a brand new YouTube video.  So stay tuned.  At Storyville, we intend to dabble in all forms of media.  T-shirts today, movies and video games tomorrow.

( to see )

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