225 Magazine blogs about the Storyville Fashion Show

November 21, 2007 by Josh Harvey

225's Brandi Simmons attended the Storyville Fashion Show last Friday night.  Here's what she had to say about the show.  To see Brandi's original post, "Friday Night Arting", click here .

Storyville's first fashion show. I've been to several fashion shows throughout the year, but I was really looking forward to this one (mostly because I can actually afford the clothes). In case you don't know, Storyville is a family-owned T-shirt shop on campus (and now in Austin, too) that supports local designers by providing them a venue to sell their wares. It's one of my favorite places to shop right now, and will be the source of several Christmas presents for friends and family. Every time I wear one of their shirts, I get compliments that generally turn into a discussion. And who doesn't love that? (If you need a recommendation, people always love my Red Beans and Rice shirt, and my friend Nick gets into lengthy discussions when sporting his K&B shirt. You wouldn't believe how people miss their K&B.)

The show was kicked off with an excellent performance by Robot Circus, a group of break dancers. The most refreshing part, other than the adorable spotlight-stealing Harvey siblings and Adian Rolfs, was that it was broken up into parts. Each segment was interrupted by dance skits, short programs and familiar songs, performed by everyone from the models to professional musicians. The evening ended in success; the tickets sold out and they raised about $500 for the Capital Area Alliance for the Homeless. (You can see photos from fellow blogger and staff writer Jeff Roedel here .)

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