Famous People Wear Storyville

November 1, 2007 by Josh Harvey

Storyville friend Rachel Veron recently sent us a link to an in which actor Jonah Hill ("Superbad") is sporting Jeremiah the Innocent's "Hi, How Are You?"  Sure, we were thrilled to see the talented writer/actor wearing the shirt.  We love the idea of famous people wearing Storyville tees.

But what could impress us even more than the Jonah Hill pic?  A few minutes after reading the EW article, we stumbled across a photo of UT student Paulie Nguyen wearing the same shirt on our website.  How cool is that? to see the ultra-popular Paulie wearing the tee.  You'll also notice Austin Storyvillain Sarita Lo rocking the Daniel Johnston -inspired tee.  Yeah, I guess Storyville is kind of a big deal.

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