Storyville Austin goes to Stitch

November 11, 2007 by Josh Harvey

Last night, Storyville Austin led a delegation of designers, models and Storyvillains to Stitch .  Deniz Gerecci, Sarita Lo, Joy Li, Melanie Horstman, Veronique Smith, Wendell Harrison, Grace Kao, Inez Escandon, Jennie Lewis and friends stormed the Austin Convention Center, taking  names and meeting DIY designers from across the country.

We got to mix it up with Storyville friends Rural Rooster , Will Heron , SuperMaggie , Kelly D as well as up and coming designers PartyBots , All Jelly No Toast and Burger & Friends .

We also watched the Stitch Fashion Show and made a few mental notes, as we prepare for the first-ever Storyville Fashion Show , which will take place this Friday night at the Manship Theatre in downtown Baton Rouge. SuperMaggie told us that she was going to "bring it" at the Friday night show. Big talk for a little lady.  We checked out her new designs last night, so, quite frankly, we believe her.

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