The Wild World of Storyville

November 30, 2007 by Josh Harvey

Storyville is proud to welcome Wild World to .  Wild World is the creation of University of Texas alum Duncan Jones . Wild World t-shirts are made from organic cotton and printed with non-toxic inks. In addition, a portion of the profits goes to help the world's animals.

According to Duncan, "Wild World's message is simple...We are a part of the Earth and we share this planet with all plants and animals. Our goal is to help bridge the gap that has grown between so many of us and nature and help everyone take a walk on the wild side. If through our illustrations we can help others relate to the natural world, and see our own lives in nature, then we will have done a good thing."

Click here to see three of Duncan's tees that are now available online.  You can see more of Duncan's illustrations at .

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