Art by Mags' "Home" is a runaway hit!

December 21, 2007 by Josh Harvey

First of all, we need to apologize to Margaret Coble aka Art by Mags for taking so long to get her t-shirt in our shop and available for sale online.  After unveiling "Home" only a week ago, our exclusive version of the tee has been a huge Internet hit (although, according to Aubrey Howard, the shirt's instant success has everything to do with her incredible modeling skills and not so much to do with the shirt's design).

Sorry it took us so long to get it to market (Mags gave us the screens two months ago), but the timing has turned "Home" into a favorite Christmas gift for many a Storyville shopper.  Anyway, we've learned our lesson and plan to unveil several new Art by Mags designs in the Spring of 2008.  And if you want to own a clock like the ones that hang in Storyville's Baton Rouge and Austin shops, you can buy them online at .

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