Austin Artist Federico visits Storyville

December 13, 2007 by Josh Harvey

Federico Archuleta , aka Federico, paid a surprise visit to Storyville Austin yesterday.  Federico's spray-painted exterior wall art is heavily featured on the Drag (the section of Guadalupe Street next to the University of Texas).  His interpretations of Johnny Cash, Elvis Presley, Louis Armstrong, Bob Dylan and other music icons are prominently and proudly displayed on the walls of buildings throughout Austin.  In fact, the rock band the Decemberists recently did a photo shoot by Federico's works painted outside the book store Follett's Intellectual Property, which is located in the heart of the Drag (24th & Guadalupe).

Federico seemed impressed by our "Art in Progress" project (33 UT students are painting a giant mual on the interior walls of our Austin shop).  Federico also expressed an interest bringing a line of apparel to Storyville.  Let's hope he's serious, and that a Federico line of clothes comes to Storyville in 2008.  That would be sweet.

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