Live from the Bizarre Bazaar, Part 2

December 15, 2007 by Josh Harvey

So this is Josh again, and I'm at the Palmer Event Center at the "Keep Austin Bizarre Bazaar." Yesterday, my brother Gabriel and I took turns running the Storyville tables, but today Gabe's handling things at the shop on the Drag and I'm out here with my partner-in-crime, Natalie Naquin .

Today, we're offering a slew of brand new designs from Will Heron , which won't be available in Storyville until early 2008.  Tomorrow, we'll be unveiling new designs from Kelly D .

Curious as to what the biggest sellers are so far at the show? Kandle Kidswear is white hot.  As expected, Jeremiah the Innocent is selling well.  Also, Futureman's and are doing well.  And we can't keep in stock.  Everyone loves that shirt.  That  chicken gets us so many laughs.

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