Happy First Birthday, Storyville!

January 15, 2008 by Josh Harvey

One year ago, on January 16, 2007 , Storyville opened its doors on 236 W. Chimes Street in Baton Rouge. One year later, we've got two shops -- one next to LSU , and one next to the University of Texas .  In short, Year One has been nothing short of incredible.

Over the past year, we've met and worked with over 50 artists and designers from Louisiana and Texas .  We've also launched an e-commerce site, a blog, an online map of Storyville and we've gotten really good at making customized t-shirts .

One year into the game, we're still growing, and growing fast.  We're always on the look out for new artists, designers, models , and other people who want to get involved.  We're also working with Lee Martin on the second version of our website , which will be unveiled this spring.  We're also hoping to open a new shop this fall.  Year One has been incredible, but Storyville Year Two will be even better.  Stay tuned for more fun.


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Happy Birthday Storyville!

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