Saturday Night in ColdTowne

January 20, 2008 by Josh Harvey

On Saturday night, Gabriel and I ventured over to see Austin improv comedy troop .  My LSU roommate and New Orleans transplant Chris Trew performs with ColdTowne.  In 2007, ColdTowne was named Austin's best comedy group by the Austin Chronicle .

Chris dragged me on stage to be his "stool pigeon" for the 8 pm show.  The "stool pigeon" is a person pulled from the crowd, placed on stage (on a stool), and who tells stories that serve as fodder for the team of 6 improv comics.  So Chris had me tell several 2-minute stories and the improv players picked elements of my stories and turn them into a made-up-on-the-spot comedy routines.

Despite my limited story-telling skills, Chris and ColdTowne did an incredible job of turning my rather unfunny, real-life stories into coherent skits that had the room laughing wildly.  To learn more about , and to see their show schedule, .

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