Thank You, John Edwards

January 30, 2008 by Josh Harvey

On the day that former Senator John Edwards announced the end of his presidential campaign, I want to say thank you to John Edwards.  When John Edwards announced his run for the White House in December 2006 , Edwards chose New Orleans as the place to launch his candidacy.  Edwards' decision brought a big spotlight on the widespread poverty in New Orleans, the very city in which I was born.  And Edwards' return to the Crescent City to bring his campaign to a close further highlights the need to do something substantial about the often forgotten plight of many of New Orleans' citizens.

No matter what else is said about John Edwards or his campaign, he was always a champion of the poor and marginalized citizens of Louisiana , and around the nation.  Good luck to you, John Edwards, in all of your future endeavors.  May you always fight to end poverty , in these United States and around the world .

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