22 Models + 3000 Photos = New Hotness

February 12, 2008 by Elizabeth Harvey

Lots of new Storyville tees are coming to ...  I swear!  Honestly, I just need more time to edit the 3,000+ photos that Rebekah and I took last Thursday and Friday.  I'm going to have to lock myself in the apartment for 3 days straight to make any kind of dent into this overwhelming stockpile of photos.

Today was the first real day that I've been able to start looking through the pics.  There are so many good ones... it's really hard to narrow down the selection for online purposes.

It's a lot of fun to see so many returning models.  We like watching our friends grow up with us.  And, to keep things fresh, we've brought in many new models.  The newest Storyville models include Alisha Andrepont (who made her Storyville debut during the as a ballerina), Thaddra Harris , Jackie Hoss , Christian Rinck , David Woo , Maurie Hooton (happy birthday!), Charlotte Cox , as well as LSU Law students Lynn Austin and Tara Peveto .  Look for these lovely ladies and handsome lads to take over the Storyville website in the weeks to come!

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