Many Thanks to our Feb 7-8 Models

February 8, 2008 by Josh Harvey

On Thursday and Friday, Rebekah and I took over 3000 photos of 22 Baton Rouge models .  Look for the best of these photos to start popping up on over the next few weeks. Special thanks to all the beautiful students who modeled for us , especially all you new guys and gals.

Here you are, in no particular order: Patsy Radford, Nicole Staudenmaier, Arthur Pania, Tara Peveto, Lynn Austin, Maurie Hooton, David Woo, Jackie Hoss, Grace Bruce, Joy Bruce, Charlotte Cox, Christian Rinck, Ken Faucheux, Wendell Harrison, Molly Brau, Brock Miller, Haley Moore, Mary Beth Robichaux, Aubrey Howard, Kristin Craik, Jillian Daguil and Alisha Andrepont.

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