Crescent City Classic Wrapup

March 23, 2008 by Josh Harvey

Yesterday, a team of Storyvillains joined 16,000 runners in the , a 6.2 mile trek through New Orleans .  Allen, Mercedes, Juan, Estefa, Victor, Paula, Brooke, Blake, Elizabeth, Greg, Mercie, Seth, Katie, Rebekah, Gabriel, Natalie and I ran the race sporting our Storyville Athletics tees, and looking sharp (and a little sweaty) all the while.  If you're counting, that's 7 Harveys , 3 Durhams (including Mercedes), 4 Coffee Beans (Harvey Durham kids), 1 Moser , 1 Monteverde and 1 Naquin .

The Crescent City Classic is the best race ever.  Only in New Orleans do you get to run a 10K and then get to drink a lot of beer after the race at a big party held in a football stadium, with music from local gems like Cowboy Mouth.

We also ran into Joey and Angela Dembrun , who we know from back in the LSU / East Campus Apartments days.  Back in 1999, my brother Seth and I lived with Joey (aka Naked Joey ), and Whitney Roche .  And, finally, we ran into our uncle Tommy Todd (my mother's brother who lives in Houston ), who, as always, wanted to know what we were up to.

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