Yahoo, Facebook visit Storyville

March 13, 2008 by Josh Harvey

Storyville is having a very good week.

On Tuesday, MCA from the Beastie Boys paid Storyville Austin a visit (and then returned for a second visit, eventually picking up 3 shirts).  Later on that day, Facebook paid a surprise visit on Tuesday.  Then, Facebook returned today to shoot an interview.  Then, a few hours later, came into the shop and filmed a live web stream .  Who's coming to Storyville next?  Prince?

And the fun continues tonight.  Storyville will be doing it big simultaneously in two capitol cities.  In Baton Rouge , Storyville will be hosting the shop's first-ever bimonthly at 7:30 pm (everyone is invited to come).  In Austin , Storyville will be partying into the night with the Facebook gang at the Facebook Red Bull SXSW party .  We'll have updates about each of these events on Friday.  Stay tuned.

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