Storyville runs Austin & Baton Rouge. Here's why...

April 16, 2008 by Josh Harvey

There are lots of upcoming Storyville events to fill you in on both in Austin and in Baton Rouge .  Over the next week or so, we'll go into greater detail about each of the events that we mention below ( click here to continue reading this post).

We'll start with Louisiana .  On Wednesday night, Storyville will be hosting the at 7:45 pm at the Chimes Street shop.  On Saturday morning, Storyville will be at Main Street Market and on Saturday night, Storyville will be at the .  Storyville has also just signed up to be part in X-Fest on April 25 at the Baton Rouge River Center .  And on May 31, Storyville will be joining forces with SuperMaggie , Icon Visuals , Purple Monkey and Giraphic Prints to bring you the inaugural Giraphic Fest at the Varsity Theatre .

Over in Austin , Storyville is going to be looking dapper at the at the Frank Erwin Center on April 25, which will feature over 104 original designs by 26 UT seniors .  Storyville is also getting ready to re-introduce itself to the UT student body in a major way.  With the help of the Texas Advertising Group , we will be hosting the on April 26.  And on May 2 - 3, Storyville will be hanging with Duncan Jones and Wild World at the Old Pecan Street Festival .  Stay tuned.  More event updates will be coming soon.

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