Shout out to Darrell Morris & Devise Innovations

June 18, 2008 by Josh Harvey

Here's a quick word of thanks to Darrell Morris of Houston's Devise Innovations .

Darrell has been providing lots of helpful counsel as we attempt to map out what the new Storyville website will look like and how it will function.  We are determined to make the new website far more user-friendly.  We are working to add a search function and a much improved navigation system.  We're also looking to create categorical views of products by gender, size, genre, designer, geography, etc.

Thanks to people like web guys like Darrell, Joe McFerrin , Lee Martin , Scott Jackson , Miah Petersen , Ben Hirsch and others, our new website is going to be a much improved Storyville experience.  Sure, it will be easier to shop Storyville when the new site goes live, but, more importantly, the new site will make it easier for visitors to learn about the local designers and communities that they are supporting.

Ideally, Storyville will become a gateway for visitors from far and wide to enter the communities in which we operate (right now, Baton Rouge and Austin ), and see what's new on the local fashion scene.  As we open more shops, our collection of unique and diverse designers will grow, and so will our ability to promote these designers.  Eventually, we'll be able to support local artists on a national, heck, make that international, basis.

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