Victrola Studio comes to Storyville

June 12, 2008 by Josh Harvey

British-born Victoria Corbett and her line of Victrola Studio apparel are on the rise.  We've only had her apparel in our Austin shop for a few weeks, and we keep running out of sizes.  People can't get enough of her unique designs, which are full of international flavors.

So who is Victoria Corbett ?  Here's a little background on the lady behind Victrola Studio:

Born in north England , and raised in Windsor , Victoria literally grew up next to a castle.  After completing her secondary education, Victoria studied at the Berkshire College of Art and Design , where she obtained a degree in three-dimensional design.  Victoria then went to work on the Australian coast , before returning to England and then deciding to visit the United States .  After embarking on what was supposed to be a short trip, nine years has passed and Victoria is living her life's adventure in Austin , Texas .

And we're proud to feature Victoria's wearable art in Storyville.  We just put one of her tunics -- -- online and you can see it .  We also are offering a host of Victrola Studio designs in our Austin shop.  Look for more of Victoria's creations to come to and to both the Baton Rouge and Austin shops.  Storyville is very happy to be a part of Victoria's stateside adventure.

To visit Victoria's Etsy shop , go here .  You might just recognize some of the awesome looking models.

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