Website Update (Shameless Name Dropping)

June 2, 2008 by Josh Harvey

Thanks to everybody who's been giving us feedback and counsel as we begin to build the new Storyville website. Lately, we've been talking to a host of local website and e-commerce designers as well as small business owners.

We like to name drop, so here we go.  We've gotten feedback from Mike Massey from Masseys Outfitters , Jared Loftus from Tiger District , Ashley Casey from Purple State Strategies , Chad Rogers from The Dead Pelican , Lee Martin from Aesthetic Theory , Ben Hirsch from Omnibus Creative , Starbuck Laney from Metro Three , Miah Petersen from , Jesse Wong from Mixed Nuts , Jenn Miori , UT students Scott Jackson , Nina Lu , Andrew Moon , Paulie Nguyen , Daniel Yager , Chylee Seng as well as LSU students and alumni Jason Martin , Angie Burgos , Jason Cross as well as LSU Professor Rod Parker .

We'll keep you posted on our progress with  If you'd like to get involved in this project, make sure to join the Facebook group or send an e-mail or Facebook message to [email protected] .

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