Storyville likes Eurotrash

July 20, 2008 by Josh Harvey

On Saturday, we met Sabina Palermo , aka Eurotrash Girl .  This spirited and charming world traveler has made a name for herself designing jewelry and accessories in Texas and in England .

According to Sabina, her jewelery is "inspired by the things I love in life -- music, art, fashion, culture, travel" and the styles that she enjoys from both cities that she calls home -- Austin and Brighton (England).

Check out Eurotrash Girl on MySpace or on .  Sabina also has a website in the works.

Look for Eurotrash Girl to be featured in the Storyville shops come early August.  When the new Storyville website launches on August 25 , we hope to have some of her creations online.


said at 9:30PM on July 21, 2008

Yeah Baby. . . . .
Eurotrash girl rocks!
I love her original designs, my wife love them too!

Sokol (sok's) said at 5:49AM on July 22, 2008

She is one creative entrepreneur that has awesome ideas to give to the world of Fashion sense. Sabina is one unique individual that inspires me.
Her drive, focus and self-motivation have an excellent impact on her work and life. Her work is beautifully handcrafted designs.
I wish her all the best and success on future to come, both business and life.

STOYVILLE you have spotted a real talent!

P.S Brighton is looking forward for your launch!

Crys said at 11:56AM on July 23, 2008

I love Sabina's designs. She is amazingly creative and original. Austin is proud to be one of the homes of this fabulous new talent!

CARI said at 5:15PM on July 24, 2008

Don;t be shy to ask about her custom/individualized pieces, they will leave you with a 115% satisfaction!

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