Kick Ass Kitty, New Website Update, Welcome Back LSU students!

August 25, 2008 by Josh Harvey

Are you ready for some football?  This coming Saturday, LSU and UT kick off their football seasons at home.  LSU hosts Appalachian State and UT welcomes Florida Atlantic .

In honor of the defending national champion LSU Tigers , designer Will Heron has created Kick Ass Kitty , which we're previewing in this blog post.

On the new website front, we're not quite finished, but we're getting close.  You can see our progress at .  Don't worry about the message regarding the security certificate.  You can't buy anything yet on the new website, so it doesn't matter right now.  We'll have the website fully secure before any purchases are made.

The plan is to beta test the website for a few weeks before linking to the new website.  We want to make sure everything is working properly before we flip the switch.  In the meanwhile, you can still shop online at .

Stay tuned for more updates.  And make sure to check out if you want to see our progress.  Many thanks to Joe McFerrin for working long hours over the weekend to get us much closer to having the new site ready to go.

Last, but not least, welcome back all you LSU students !  Today is the first day of the fall semester.  The first day at UT-Austin is Wednesday.  Man, we are glad to see all you guys back on campus.

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