Gustav reaches Louisiana (Updated Monday, 8:24 pm)

September 1, 2008 by Josh Harvey

10:53 am

Gustav made landfall this morning near Cocodrie , Louisiana .   As the storm moves through Louisiana today, we're paying particularly close attention to two things -- 1) the levees in New Orleans and 2) any tornadoes that may spin off from the storm.

The Storyville family has taken shelter in three cities -- Hammond , Baton Rouge and Austin . Estefania , Paula , Juan , Victor and Blake are staying at the family home in Hammond (60 miles northwest of New Orleans). Elizabeth , Rebekah , Seth , Katie , Mercie and Greg are in Baton Rouge (80 miles northwest of New Orleans).  Seth, who works as Communications Director for the Lieutenant Governor's Office, is deeply involved in coordinating the state's response to the storm. Gabriel and I are in Austin.

We'll keep you posted as the storm moves through Louisiana today.  Let's hope the those levees hold and that Gustav doesn't spin off any nasty tornadoes.

5:57 pm

It appears that the worst is over. Everyone in Baton Rouge is safe and sound .  Louisiana's capital city was pummeled by Gustav, and Chimes Street wasn't spared.  Both trees in front of Storyville's Chimes Street shop are no longer standing.  When the trees were uprooted, they took the garden that Gabriel planted with it.  Power lines are also down in front of the shop (therefore, power is out).  A few small window panes are also busted, but, all in all, we made alright in Baton Rouge.

We've had limited communication with our family in Hammond , but we know that everyone is okay .  At this point, we're unsure if the Hammond family home has sustained any notable damage.  Power is out in Hammond, and likely to remain out for at least a few days.

We'll update this post as we get more info.

7:09 pm

Here's a photo of the Baton Rouge shop that Rebekah took from her camera phone.  Click on the thumbnail to see the full size photo.

8:24 pm

I just talked to the Hammond crew.  The Hammond family is safe and sound.  There is limited damage in the area surrounding the house and the Southeastern Louisiana University campus.  Baton Rouge got it worse than Hammond.  So now that we've talked to the Baton Rouge crew and the Hammond crew, we are assured that Gustav has spared our most valuable asset -- the members of our family.

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