Jeff Roedel does Storyville Photoshoot

September 29, 2008 by Elizabeth Harvey

Thanks so much to Jeff Roedel of '225' Magazine and 'American Thrift Media' who was Storyville's guest photographer for our Sunday afternoon photoshoot .  (If you haven't yet seen Jeff's work, you should really check it out - either pick up a copy of this month's '225' or check out American Thrift Media with their newest short film, Life in the Tall Tall Grass .)

Jeff ran around the North Gates of LSU's campus with some brand spankin' new and returning models.  We can't wait to see the photos of these amazing ladies and gents.  A special thanks goes out to TahJah Krauss, Candice Rodgers, Casey Gioia, Earl, Charlotte Cox, Mercie Durham, Nicole Staudenmaier, Matt Sigur, Aubrey Howard, Max Zoghbi, and Rebekah Harvey.

Although two hurricanes cancelled the last two photoshoots scheduled with Jeff, we knew nothing could stop Jeff from working his magic .  Stay tuned to see his masterpieces and all the hot new t-shirts we have coming...


jenelle dronkers said at 1:09PM on September 29, 2008

hey elizabeth! can't wait to see the pics from the photoshoot!!!

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