Still no power in BTR, Partying with Eurotrash Girl, Shoutout to Starbuck & Metro Three

September 6, 2008 by Josh Harvey

On Friday night, Whitney Roche , Gabriel and I went to the Eurotrash Girl Launch Party at the Tap Room in downtown Austin . Sabina Palermo (aka Eurotrash Girl) celebrated the debut of her jewelry line, packing the bar and the entertaining the crowd with two bands and a deejay.  Performances by The Noise Revival Orchestra Experience (featuring Agnes Savich of Huge Wonder on the flute) and Twilight Broadcast really got the people in the mood to party.  It was especially cool to hear the live music while watching photos of Sabina's jewelry cycle on the Tap Room's many flat screen TV's.

Back to Baton Rouge . The shop still doesn't have power (which is also true for much of the rest of the city) and is therefore still closed . Entergy needs to get off its ass and get the power back on BR.  The power has been off since Monday, and we're in the height of the brutal Louisiana summer -- people need air conditioning to survive.

Finally, just a quick word of thanks to Starbuck Laney of Metro Three .  Metro Three was hit hard by Hurricane Katrina back in 2005 , and the shop was shut down for a month.  Given that Metro Three had survived Katrina when many other New Orleans businesses did not, I decided to check in with Starbuck and get his take on things.  Starbuck gave us some good advice and showed great concern for our well being, even though at the time, Gustav seemed to be aimed squarely for New Orleans and not for B aton Rouge .  As it turned out, Gustav eventually veered west and hit Baton Rouge pretty hard and largely spared New Orleans.

On Friday, Starbuck called to check in on us and offer his help should he need it.  Starbuck's a really classy guy, and we appreciate him, his wife Lori and everything they do for us.  We wouldn't be where we are today with out partners like Metro Three .

By the way, Metro Three will re-open Sunday , September 7 at Noon after being closed for a week because of Gustav.  We encourage you to visit New Orleans' best place for t-shirts and other Crescent City clothing.  Metro Three is located at 2032 Magazine Street in New Orleans.  When you shop at Metro Three, you're not only getting awesome, genuine New Orleans clothing, you're also supporting a small business that cares.

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