Still no power in BTR (one week and counting), Fashion Show moved to March 21, 2009

September 8, 2008 by Josh Harvey

Hurricane Gustav struck Louisiana one week ago today, and our Baton Rouge shop has been without power (and closed) since then.  Today, we're finally open again, but we can't make customized t-shirts until the power is back on. Entergy is telling us that the power should be on by Thursday.  We can't wait to get the air conditioner back on!  How did people survive in Louisiana before air-conditioning was invented?

Gustav has found another way to be a royal pain in our ass.  The storm caused the scheduled September 6 Troy State vs. LSU football game to be postponed. LSU and Troy State just happened to each have an open date on November 15 -- the scheduled date of our annual fashion show.  The two schools decided to re-schedule the football game on our big night -- and didn't even bother with a courtesy call.

We would rather not compete with a home LSU football game, so we worked with Patricia Ladut at the Manship Theatre ( Shaw Center ) to find an alternate date.  The first available Saturday that could work for us was March 21, 2008, so that's the new date for the Second Ever Storyville Fashion Show .  Anyway, sorry for the long delay, but believe us -- it's going to be worth the wait.  If you liked the first fashion show, you're going to love the second one.

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