See 53 photos from the Jeff Roedel Storyville Photo Shoot

October 2, 2008 by Josh Harvey

We just posted from the Jeff Roedel Storyville photo shoot on . The , which took place last Sunday (September 28), features some and lots of new faces.

Special thanks to all of Jeff's models -- TahJah Krauss, Candice Rodgers, Casey Gioia, Charlotte Cox, Mercie Durham, Nicole Staudenmaier, Matthew Sigur, Aubrey Howard, Max Zoghbi and Rebekah Harvey .

In the coming days, we'll also post some photos that Rebekah Harvey took of Jeff Roedel conducting the shoot -- a quick look behind the scenes.

Also, look for Jeff Roedel to conduct future Storyville photo shoots.  In the meanwhile, we're talking to LSU student Danny Lachman (the guy who took the ) about doing a shoot for us.  Stay tuned... there will be more amazing pics to come!

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