Two Louisiana sisters celebrate birthdays, refuse to share day

December 16, 2008 by Josh Harvey

(AP) Hammond, Louisiana -- A joint birthday party for two sisters went horribly awry when the guests of honor refused to acknowledge each other's presence -- or birthdays. Elizabeth Harvey , who turned 24 on December 17 , accused her sister Estefania , who turned 12 on the same day, of having moved her birthday up to pre-empt Elizabeth's birthday.

"That kid can celebrate her birthday any other day of the year.  But December 17 is my day.  And that's that", Elizabeth said, in between bites of chocolate cake.

Meanwhile, across the backyard, Estefania and several admirers held their own, "private" birthday party.

"Elizabeth who?" asked Estefania.  "Which one is that?  I have so many siblings that I honestly cannot keep up with all of them.  Is she the tall one or the short one?"

Allen Harvey , father to Elizabeth and Estefania, tried to make the best of a difficult situation.

"It was never my intention to have two children born on the same day of the year," he said. "But when you have as many kids as I do, it's bound to happen."

Elizabeth stared at Estefania from across the yard.

"I run the Baton Rouge Storyville shop," she said. "What has Estefania ever run?  She can't even run an hair dryer."

Across the yard, Estefania had harsh words for her older sister.

"Elizabeth has tiny arms; she looks like a T-Rex ," she said.

Allen struggled to keep the peace.

"Maybe we could rotate birthdays every other year in order to avoid future conflicts," he said.

Elizabeth was not impressed with the suggestion.

"That's the worst idea I've ever heard," she said. "Papi must be getting old.  It's got to be past his bed time."

On this issue, there was agreement between the warring sisters.

"Terrible idea," Estefania said. "And Papi is ancient.  He used to run around with the dinosaurs, which is probably why Elizabeth has T-Rex arms."

In the midst of the birthday feud, eight-year-old Paula Harvey pleaded her own case.

"My birthday is in December too, you know," said the youngest Harvey. "I've only been eight for less than two weeks and everybody's already acting like it's time to stop celebrating."

Paula continued talking for an additional six minutes without taking a breath.  Much to her chagrin, no one was listening as a result of an announcement that ice cream was about to be served.

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