Snow Day in Storyville Baton Rouge

December 11, 2008 by Elizabeth Harvey

At 6:30 this morning, Paulita and Victor , the youngest of my siblings, called me and said "Hey! what are you doing??"  I replied, "Oh you know... sleeping."  They made me look at out the window... snow on Chimes Street . Pretty crazy.  Part of the Storyville gang, including Walter Peebody , had a fun morning playing on LSU's parade grounds - especially watching the all-out guerrilla warfare snow fights taking place.

We hope everyone enjoys their snow day, stays safe, and are able to concentrate on these last few days of finals.  Y'all are almost done!

Drop by Storyville during your snow day and get your holiday shopping done (use that book buy-back money!).  We decided since it was snowing, it was even ok to play some good Christmas tunes - Greg's singing will serenade you all!

to see a few more snow photos of Chimes Street.

This Christmas season, think global and shop local.

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