First Day of Work at Metro Three (Storyville arrives in New Orleans)

January 29, 2009 by Josh Harvey

On Wednesday, Elizabeth and I spent our first day working in New Orleans' most popular t-shirt shop , Metro Three .  We got a personal tour of the space from Metro Three worker bee Kara Corliss .

Now that we've seen all of the shop, our first impression of Metro Three is that it's a very large space (roughly 2000 square feet).  And it's very New Orleans.  Metro Three is a first-story shotgun-style space within an old two-story Magazine Street building.  Metro Three has high ceilings and a certain haunting charm.

Before it became Metro Three, the space was occupied by a live music joint called Caronna's Bar .  Metro Three still has the large wooden bar and a wall of mirrors behind the bar.  Unfortunately, Metro Three does not have a liquor license.

We're in the beginning stages of an experimental alliance that, if all goes well, would eventually convert Metro Three into Storyville New Orleans .  The "new" shop would feature most of the favorite Metro Three tees that New Orleanians have loved since the shop opened  back in 2004 .  There's no guarantee that this arrangement will work, but we're going to give it a try in February and March.  Both the Storyville and Metro Three crew are hoping that this little partnership takes off.

We're making some progress already.  As of yesterday, we have Storyville goods on the shelves of Metro Three, three days ahead of the official launch of Storyville's arrival in New Orleans (Superbowl Sunday, February 1).  In fact, we've sold our first Storyville item in Metro Three -- a Beign-Yay onesie .  Elizabeth thought that she was hot stuff because the first Storyville item sold on Magazine Street was one that she created.

I'm about to hop on I-10 and make the drive from Baton Rouge to New Orleans to begin my second day of work at Metro Three.  We're doing inventory today, so it should be loads of fun (I wish Elizabeth was coming with me today, but she said that the Baton Rouge shop would likely burn down without her).  Stay tuned for more Storyville & Metro Three updates.

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