New Website Feature: Sort by City - Baton Rouge, Austin & New Orleans tees

February 19, 2009 by Josh Harvey

Check it out -- we've just added a cool new feature to our the Storyville website.

Now you can sort Storyville tees by city on .  Want to see all of our Baton Rouge themed tees ? Click here to see the best tees in the Mighty, Mighty BR .  Care to browse our collection of New Orleans tees ? Go here for NOLA .  And what about Austin ? to see the very best tees from the ATX .

I've posted screen shots for each of the three new "city pages."  I've also added a page for tees designed with Houston , Monroe , Dallas and Chalmette in mind (it's right here ).

We've got lots of new tees in the works for neighborhoods, towns and cities in Louisiana and Texas .  Does your city or 'hood need a shirt?  We'll see what we can do.  Send city and neighborhood requests to [email protected] (New Orleans requests), [email protected] (BR requests) or [email protected] (Austin requests).  We've got shirts in the works for Mandeville , Kenner , Thibodaux , San Marcos and many other awesome places.  But the more requests we get for a city or neighborhood, the more like we are to bring the shirt to market.

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