See Photo & Video from Saturday night's Storyville Fashion Show

March 22, 2009 by Josh Harvey

Thanks to Jacob Meaux and Lawles Bourque , we've already got videos and photos from Saturday night's Storyville Fashion Show.

Here is , which was edited by Jacob Meaux .  The video was directed by Amy Dyess and shot by Mark Duplessis , Brad Johnson and Daniel Lachman .  The video features original music by Jacob Meaux.

Here's the video:

And here are some Fashion Show photos from Lawles Bourque . Lawles posted 100 photos on Flickr and they're all available for free download (even in their original size).

Here are some of Lawles' photos to whet your appetite.  These photos feature the LSU Tiger Girls , the Legacy Hip Hop Dancers , Jonathan Pretus and Stephen Turner , Gabriel Harvey , Meghan Montgomery plus our entire lineup of fashion show models.

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