Happy Earth Day from Storyville

April 22, 2009 by Elizabeth Harvey

Happy Earth Day!

On this beautiful Earth Day , spend an extra minute outside  taking in all the goodness that we constantly take for granted.

Check out the cool Earth Day celebrations that are happening around you - there's lot of stuff going on on LSU's and UT's beautiful campuses!!

Need an ?? Storyville's got plenty!!  From Storyville's brand spankin' new " ", " ," " ," to Giraphic's " Vespanaut, " and " ," to the entire line of earth friendly tees by Wild World ! We're constantly adding new organic shirts! If you're in the shops, just ask us to point them all out to you.  We even have tees made from bamboo by Giraphic Apparel!

Let's take care of Mother Earth - she's worth it!!

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