And the winner of the Free Cookie Friday recipe contest is ...

July 31, 2009 by Natalie Naquin

I know the suspense is killing you. What cookies did I choose for Free Cookie Friday ?

For a while, I was leaning toward these cookies . My friend Scott Harang recommended this recipe to me. I mean, how could you go wrong with a peanut butter cookie, filled with salted peanut caramel and drizzled with chocolate? You can't .

However, so many people e-mailed me their recipes that it became harder to decide. Should I use one of the cake mix recipes? Cowboy cookies? What about the story of the guy whose mother died? He thought her famous cookie recipe was gone forever, only to discover that his sister had a copy - so his coworker passed the recipe on to me. I know by experience how sentimental recipes can be.

My mind was so full of cookie recipes that I decided, at the last minute, on an old classic: chocolate chip. Alison Pourciau sent me a recipe for the Neiman Marcus cookies . There is an ingredient listed that is not found in most chocolate chip cookies - instant espresso - that makes these just a little bit different, and made me want to try them.

I remembered hearing the about these infamous cookies - a woman was supposedly charged $250 for the recipe in a Dallas store. A little googling proves the story is untrue, but hey, if they're good enough to be rumored to be worth $250, they're good enough for Free Cookie Friday.

The best thing about the cookies is how easy they are to make. They're best right out of the oven, as the edges crisp up just like a chocolate chip cookie should.

And the verdict? They may not be the best cookies Storyville Austin has ever seen ( Rebekah is tough competition), but I'd like to think they're the best chocolate chip cookies I've ever made. Thanks to everyone who sent me their recipes - stay tuned the next few weeks. I am hoping to have enough time to make all of the recipes, and each time I do, I'll feature the cookies on the blog (and in one of the shops).

Got a recipe you want to share but you were too shy to send it the first time around? E-mail the recipe to [email protected] with the subject " Natalie's Cookies ."

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