New Orleans chef John Besh competes for Brad Pitt's Make It Right foundation

July 9, 2009 by Natalie Naquin

On last night's episode of Top Chef Masters , famed New Orleans chef John Besh competed with four other chefs for a chance to win a $10,000 donation to Brad Pitt's Make It Right Foundation .  We at Storyville are all about Make It Right -- and we're also all about delicious food -- so this was right up our alley.

Besh owns Restaurant August , Luke , Besh Steak and La Provence , and two soon-to-open restaurants -- Domenica in the newly-renovated Roosevelt Hotel and American Sector in the National World War II Museum .

Things started out shaky for him when he participated in the first challenge: cooking an egg dish with one hand (which was a little ridiculous). Besh decided on over-easy eggs in small casserole dishes, but, unfortunately, misjudged the clock or oven temperature or both. He committed the worst faux-pas in a cooking competition -- his food was raw. He tried to save one of the eggs, but his efforts were fruitless. He finished last in the challenge.

For the main challenge, the chefs each received a word that they were to use as a concept for their dish. Besh pulled the word "surprise," and although the judges were receptive to both his concept for his dish and the actual food, he again finished last. It was a noble attempt.

Even though John Besh finished last in the competition, Top Chef still donated money to the Make It Right Foundation. He got lots of face-time on the camera last night, and he used that time to be a true advocate for New Orleans and the foundation. If you're interested in giving to Make It Right, or just interested in what the organization is doing for the city of New Orleans, visit http://www.makeitrightnola. org .

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