Preview 4 New Storyville Originals from Gabriel Harvey

August 3, 2009 by Josh Harvey

Check out these 4 new designs by my brother Gabriel.  There are two for Austin and two for New Orleans (don't worry, Baton Rouge , we've got new designs on the way for you too).

The designs will soon be available on and will hit the Storyville shelves in mid-August .  The names of the designs are Action Jackson , Austin DMC , Austin Dew and Neutral Ground .

"Action Jackson" was inspired by our little sister, Paula , who thought that hero of the Battle of New Orleans was named "Andrew Action."  The seventh President of the United States was certainly a man of action, so we liked the nickname.  Gabriel based his design on the statue of Andrew Jackson in the center of Jackson Square in the French Quarter .

"Austin DMC" is a tribute to one of the seminal hip hop acts, Run DMC .  "Austin Dew" is a nod to an extreme beverage that has gotten us through a lot of late nights in Storyville.  "Neutral Ground" is Gabriel's re-interpretation of the areas of land that separate New Orleans avenues (called the "neutral ground").  Pretty cool designs, eh?

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