"Twilight, Roomies and Roaches" - The Life & Times of Marci Hammons

September 30, 2009 by Marci Hammons

Hello, my name is Marci . I'm taking over the Storyville blog today and I'm going to highlight some of the fun things about my life here in New Orleans, thus far. These events may or may not be in the order which they occurred. Don't get very excited. I can't promise you excitement.

Event L: The Roomie

Maybe I should tell you how I got here. In short, I graduated from LSU in May. My apartment lease was up in Baton Rouge so I moved in with my parents until I could decide what to do. Costa Rica was looking dangerous, so I decided to make a move to New Orleans. I looked on craigslist for a one bedroom, but they were very expensive. So, I did something crazy. I looked in the roommate section of craigslist. The first one I found read: Apt with balcony. I'm not crazy. Look me up on Facebook. Done. Here I am. I love my apartment. My roommate might be a little crazy, but we are like two peas in a pod. Fun times. I love it here.

Event Q: Sharing is Caring

Maybe the third or fourth week I was here, I went into the kitchen one night for late-night snack. I flicked on the lights and I had a visitor. It was a rat. I know it was a rat because he had a big fat tail even though he wasn't very big. I screamed and I think he screamed a little too, then we both ran in opposite directions. I haven't seem him since, only traces of his presence. Like when there was a hole in the saran wrap over my homemade banana nut bread. I thought the heat melted the plastic, so i went ahead and ate the piece. It was delicious. The next day there was another hole in a different spot and some turds. That's when i realized that me and the rat had shared a piece of banana nut bread. This apartment isn't big enough for the two of us...

Event R: Quick Draw

...nor is it big enough for the roaches. For a little while we were having a problem with the roaches. I kept meeting up with them by the sink. I would run to get the Raid or a paper towel, but i was never fast enough. Then, one night I had enough. I moved a plate from the sink, and one darted out across the counter, only this time, I was the fast one. He didn't even have time to pause and see the rage and fury behind my eyes before his quick death. With no thought or hesitation, I reached out and crushed him with my bare fist. Ever since that day, no roach dares to cross my path.

Event K: The Jerk

The other day, Josh Harvey called me a boy/girl. I've always been tomboyish, so I wasn't actually offended, but I like giving him a hard time about it. Josh, you are such a jerk! LOL.

Event W: The Twilight Saga

I don't normally read books, but the girl part of me has sucked me into the Twilight Saga. I'm almost through with the New Moon book. Today, before I got to work, Bella was just about to kiss Jacob Black when Alice (Edward's sister) busted in!!! I am, of course, thrilled that Alice came back so they could rush to Italy to save Edward, BUT I wanted her to kiss the werewolf first!!! I would kiss Jacob and Edward.  It would be hard to decide in the end though....the werewolf or the vampire. Life is full of tough decisions.

I hope you enjoyed my first blog entry. I will be sure to write some more because there are many more equally exciting events occurring every day in my life, so stay tuned.

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