Austin vs. New Orleans: Who had the Greatest Photo Shoot of All Mankind?

November 23, 2009 by Sandy Myers

On November 22, 2009, Storyville Austin made even BIGGER history than Storyville New Orleans made on November 15, 2009. After forming a powerhouse team of amazing models, we were forced to turn down calls from Johnny Depp , Giselle Bundchen , and Drew Brees (we told Drew he really needed to be at the game and next time we will schedule the photo shoot on a non-game day).

We would like to thank Nick Stephan , Jessica Ramirez , Baxter Ramirez , Alyssa Borowy , Laura LaChaussee , Philip Czaoa , Hunter Holder , Julie Daste , Megan Colwart , Sally Myers , Bear Myers , and yours truly Sandy Myers . Special thanks to Sally and Jessica for bringing their precious puppies, Bear and Baxter.

After awakening to soft rays of sunlight across my forehead and the sound of baby birds chirping outside my window, I knew this day was going to be amazing. Our wonderful photo shoot started out on the University of Texas at Austin campus. We frolicked around campus to find the perfect locations to fully display the awesomeness of the tees.

Rebekah Harvey , our amazing photographer, captured priceless, adorable, precious, loving, hilarious moments that were experienced by all throughout the day. There was giggling, puppy playing, new lifelong friendships were born, and even a few tears were shed because of the overwhelming beauty of the day.

Just when you thought it couldn't get any better, Round 2 of the most amazing photo shoot began. We decided that we just couldn't get enough and wanted to continue the best day ever. We headed down to Congress Bridge which is home to the nation's largest urban bat colony for some gorgeous sunset photos. The sounds of precious bats squeaking all around us combined with music drifting from the patios of the downtown bars, created the perfect setting for our sunset photo shoot. The last photos taken right before the bats flew out from under Congress Bridge were perfect, ending the GREATEST PHOTO SHOOT OF ALL MANKIND.

And to Marci Hammons of Storyville New Orleans, the lady who decided to challenge us, there are no hard feelings. Not every photo shoot can be THE GREATEST PHOTO SHOOT OF ALL MANKIND, so you keep your head up and don't stop trying. Next time you do a photo shoot, let us know and we will be sure to give you some pointers.

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