Progress Is ... Vote TODAY in Baton Rouge!

November 13, 2009 by Josh Harvey

Today is a huge day for the future of Baton Rouge . Mayor Kip Holden's bond issue will be up for a vote, and we strongly encourage you to vote for it.

The bond issue will lead to synchronization of traffic lights, an expansion of the River Center and the establishment of the first major capital improvements program and infrastructure improvements in 50 years.  Passing the bond will result in 4,300 new construction jobs and 24,000 new permanent jobs .  All of this for a quarter per day per person.

The bond issue has been endorsed by The Advocate ( click here to read the endorsement) as well as 225 Magazine ( click here to read what 225 had so say).

I personally voted for the bond issue a week ago during early voting.  This is a huge opportunity for us to improve Baton Rouge's long term future -- it would be a shame to miss this golden opportunity.  The vote is going to be very close, so make sure to make your voice heard.

For more information about the bond issue, visit .

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