LSU Air Force ROTC runs the Baton Rouge Marathon as Team Storyville

December 8, 2009 by Josh Harvey

Congratulations to the members of the LSU Air Force ROTC , who completed the Baton Rouge Beach Marathon and Half Marathon on Saturday, December 5.

Led by Michael Krom , the Air Force ROTC wore Storyville Athletics track shirts during the race, looking sporty and tough the entire way.  The officers-in-training braved chilly temperatures in the twenties and thirties en route to a successful completion of the race.

We Storyvillains wish to congratulate each and every one of them.

Here are the names of the runners.

Top row: Travis Odom , Michael Krom , Lucas Breaux , Robert Shoults , David Lane , Robert Hirschmann , Aaron Moseley , Robert Metcalf , John Hale and Greg Huete .

Bottom Row: Mary Krom , Matthew Hebert , Bryce Bawcom and William Beal .

Not Pictured: Garrett Laws .

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